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ShellShock LIVE

Game type: Platform
Team size: FFA
Last updated: 23/09/2018.

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Unfortunately as all ShellShock LIVE games are hosted publicly online, there is a certain amount of 'policing' that has to go into running it. Having an experienced player to 'lead' (and 'kick' outsiders) is helpful.

  • Mode: Deathmatch
  • Type: Free For All
  • Players: 8
  • HP: 200
  • Wind: None
  • Shot Type: All
  • Friends Only: Yes
  • Turn Time: 30
  • Shot Tracer: On
  • Items: On
  • Items: On
  • Max Lvl Diff: All
  • Choose Wep Lvl: No
  • Atmospheric Nudge: Off
  • Wager Gears: No
  • Mod: None

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