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Welcome to osu!, a free-to-win rhythm game developed by peppy with four game modes: osu!standard, a circle clicking simulator; osu!taiko, a drumming emulator; osu!catch, a fruit salad catcher; and osu!mania, a key smashing synthesizer.

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Tournament Structure

  • Format: Double Elimination
  • Rounds: Best of 3

Win Condition

  • 1 on 1 Standard Match in team style format with a point given to the highest score.
  • Tiebreaker will be played only if both players are 1 point away from winning and works the same way as a FreeMod.

Map / Mods

  • Map pool contains 3 NoMod, 2 HD, 2 HR, 2 DT, 3 FreeMod and 1 Tiebreaker. There is a new map pool for each round.
  • You are granted 1 map to ban per match. The ban must be used.
  • Roll is used to determine who will get the first pick and the first ban. The winner of roll will select the first map, whereas the loser will ban the first map.
  • Players are only permitted to use HD or HR or no mod for FreeMod picks. Anything other than these options, including other mods or a combination of mods, is not allowed.

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