LAN-slide is one of Melbourne’s largest BYOC LAN Parties catering for up-to 200 players! Come along to play games, participate in competitions, connect with other players and most importantly to have fun!

You can enter comps such as CS:GO, Rocket League, Age of Empires 2, Halo and much more for a chance to win awesome prizes or simply play games with your friends! We also offer some non-PC activities with a console section and AFK comps like 50+ players pass the parcel.

Currently we have no scheduled events.

Frequently Asked Questions

  Where is LAN-slide?

LAN-slide v30 is located at the Syndal Baptist Church see our location page for more info.

  What tickets are available?

LAN-slide currently offers 2 ticket types, BYOC and Handheld / AFK.

  • BYOC ticket gives you a space to set up your computer, including 90cm of space with power and network. Players with this ticket are allowed to enter ANY competition.
  • Handheld/Console allows you to enter any Console / AFK competition (table DLC not included).

  What do I need to bring?

To be able to participate at a LAN-slide event, you will need to bring a gaming device (PC, laptop or console) with games pre-installed, along with any peripherals (controllers, keyboards, mice) and adaptors.

Monitors are required for PCs (it helps you see stuff).

Note to BYOC players:

BYOC seating provides 90cm of space, 2 powerpoints and 1 network cable, this will be enough for a monitor and PC. Make sure you bring all your equipment including a mousepad as our tables are not great for some mice!

LAN-slide does not have any spare equipment to lend out, so make sure you pack everything!

The sponsors that make LAN-slide happen...

LAN-slide is run as a community event by a dedicated group of unpaid Event Coordinators.
Entry fees are charged to cover costs of venue hire, electricity and other necessary equipment.